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 Attack Guide

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PostSubject: Attack Guide   Sat Oct 31, 2015 12:37 pm

Attack Guide.Attack is very basic thing for all
But lets took it into pieces and see how it work

What you can do with attack?
Attack is used to wear better weapons like : dragon scimitar,abyssal whip,chaotic rapier and much more
Is attack combat or non-combat skill?
Attack is combat skill so when you want be skiller , dont train attack
What is best way to train attack?
You can train very diffrent methods but i request firsly kill rock crabs and then train with slayer
What style attack is for?
Attack is for melee style
Could i train attack first?
You can but i reqomend first train some strength (learn about it in other topic)
Is there any other way to train attack other wise killing monsters
Maybe in future but atm you can train it only by killing monsters

This is all about attack. When you think i forgoted something then message me "kuiu"
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Attack Guide
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